Cookies are small text files that allow a website to remember certain information; we do not store any personal information in cookies nor do we sell them or otherwise share them with third parties.

Analytical Cookies

_utma : Remembers how many times you have accessed the website including the first and most recent time.

_utmz : Remembers where you came from including the referring search engine or website, the link or key term used as well as broad geographic information.

_utmb & _utmc : Remembers how long the visit lasts.

Extra Cookies

As of May 2013 the website no longer sets these cookies unless you are logged in to the website or you first accessed the website before this date.

exp_last_activity : Remembers the time that you last did something on the site
exp_last_visit : Remembers the time that you visited the site
exp_cookies_allowed : Remembers if you have allowed cookies or not

Social and other Third Party Cookies

Various pages on this website may rely on content from providers such as Twitter, Facebook, Google or YouTube who may set their own cookies outside of our control.

Opting Out

You can opt out of Google Analytic cookies by clicking here.

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