Victoria Saker, a member of the Stour Centre, is on a mission.. she is in the process of completing 100 marathons! In November, she faces her toughest challenge yet.. running 250km across the Namib desert, Namibia, in 5 days. Follow Victoria's journey here and join us in supporting her progress.

Victoria is no stranger to marathons, and to push her limits, she set herself the goal of 100 marathons, and has just completed her 81st right here in Ashford, at our very own Julie Rose Stadium. Inspired by pushing boundaries and limits, Victoria hopes to encourage others to challenge their perceptions of limits "It's nice to share sporting journeys with other like-minded (maybe not so mad?!) people!" - Victoria, February 2018.

Victoria had commenced her goal of 100 marathons, when she decided to challenge her soul even further, and signed up with Beyond the Ultimate to run 250km in November across the Namib desert, Namibia, in only 5 days! She will be running in temperatures reaching over 40 degrees, whilst carrying her food, clothing and medical supplies. You can find more information about this incredible challenge by visiting Beyond the Ultimate's website, link here.

Victoria's goal has allowed her to travel with each marathon, and she has raced in beautiful locations such as Barcelona and Paris. She trains consistently, inside and outside of the Stour Centre, and often participates in 50km and 60km races in-between her marathons, as part of her training. Victoria's next marathon will be held in the spectacular location of Dartmoor.

I'm sure all of our customers and members would like to join Ashford Leisure Trust in wishing Victoria the best of luck for the remainder of her marathons (19 to go!), and for her incredible 250km run across the Namib desert in November. Vamos Victoria!


C Daniel, August 2018